What is CheckTheSky?

CheckTheSky offers you Drone Videos from Destinations all over the World.

You can search for Your Destinations and watch the Saisonale Drone Videos.

All Drone Videos are uploaded by Private Drone Pilots and checked by the CheckTheSky Team for Quality and Correctness.

How to Upload your Drone Video?

1. Shoot your video

Shoot a drone video of your favorite destination. The video should be at least 25 seconds long, but no longer than 2:00 minutes. The video should be recorded at least in the resolution 1920 x 1080 (HD). Make sure that the filmed content is not a violation of usage rights.

2. Edit your video

You can edit your video accordingly and add music if you want. The music should be calm, coherent and match the video content. Do not add text overlays.

3. Save or convert your video

The videos on CheckTheSky are played in MPEG4 format. Save or convert your video to the required format before uploading it. The maximum allowed file size is 150 MB.

4. Upload your video

After you have successfully completed points 1 to 3, you can now upload your video to CheckTheSky. Use the upload form and fill in the required fields. These are each marked with an *. In the form, select the season at which your video was filmed and then mark on the map where you filmed your video. Now you can select the corresponding video file in the file field. By clicking the upload button, your video will be uploaded to CheckTheSky. All videos are checked by the CheckTheSky team before they are published. As soon as the review and publication have been successfully completed, you will be informed by email.

What are the Video Requirements?

In order to upload your video to CheckTheSky, it has to meet various criteria. The full list of these criteria can be found here.

  • Video Length: The video should be between 25 seconds and 2:00 minutes.

  • Video Quality: The minimum resolution of the video should be 1920 x 1080 (HD).

  • Audio: Music is optional. It should be calm, coherent and match the video content. Voice is not allowed.

  • Text: Text overlays are not allowed.

  • Video Format: The required video format is MPEG4.

  • Video File Size: The maximum allowed file size is 150 MB.

  • Season: The season in which the video was filmed must be known.

  • Location: The location where the video was filmed must be known.

  • Rights of Use: The content usage rights must be available

The rights of use for video content by CheckTheSky must be ensured by the creator / uploader of the video. Video content that violates usage rights will be removed from the CheckTheSky platform as soon as it becomes known.

How do Good videos Look?

Below you will find good example videos from private drone pilots. You can use it as a guide for your videos.

1. Sample video of category beach

2. Sample video of category city

3. Sample video of category mountain